Friday, May 31, 2013

All Work and No Play?

An old accounting professor of mine from UCSB gave me a call about a month ago asking if I could help get my firm to present one of our case studies to a group of UCSB students along with other CPA and Law professionals in Camarillo at a Country Club. After the arrangements were made, my professor invited me to attend the event. The thought that came to mind was how could I not attend?!?! I get to spend time with my professor and students, and I also get to go shopping! It's a win-win situation! For those not from the area: Camarillo, CA equals SHOPPING at OUTLETS, which equals a content Natasha. I mean...what girl doesn't love a good bargain?!?! So after work today, I went on a little shopping spree to reward myself for starting this blog lol. Who says that you can't have a little fun when working? Definitely not I!

Silk Top: Maggie Ward
Blazer: Costa Blanca
Pants: Maggie Ward Florianopolis Cropped Pants (full length pants here)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Solitaire Pumps (here)
Purse: Prada
Necklace and Crystal Ring: Charlene K (ring found here)
Watch: Croton (men's watch)
Bracelets: vintage Cartier bracelet

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Better Late than Never...

So I've been meaning to start a blog for quite some time now, and here I am finally starting my very own FASHION blog!!! I've been telling myself time and time again that I'll start it later when I have more time. After a couple years, I realized that I'm never going to have more time so I finally decided to act on the 2013 New Year's resolution that I made and start up a blog. I know what you're's practically June and we're almost done with half the year, but better late than never...right?

About me:
 I am just an average girl that loves and appreciates all different types of fashion and style. Because my work doesn't really allow me to express my creative side, I use my personal style as an outlet for my creativity. I am a lover of shoes...especially heels! I don't know what it is but there's just something that gets me so excited when I spot the shoe section of a store or boutique. I can't hold back and instantaneously gravitate towards the shoes. My game plan when I go shopping is...HEAD to HEELS....NOW!!!! lol

I firmly believe that life is just too short to dress boring, so lets get out there and let our inner diva shine!

Below are some of the recent looks I have worn showcasing my outfits from head to heels. Enjoy! And stay tuned for many many more posts to come!

Top: Crocheted by my very talented grandma, Pants: Level 99 Janice Jegging in Radon Orange (which are the most comfortable brand of jeans ever), Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Fontane in white

Dress: MinkPink Uptown Girl Maxi Dress, Leather Jacket: Please (from LF Stores), Hat: UBI Hats & Accessories (from LF Stores), Boots: Seychelles (similar here), Necklace:  Vanessa Mooney

Tank Top: Lucky Brand embroidered tank, Shorts: Joe's Jeans Laced Up Rolled Shorts in Surf, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Fontane in white, Purse: J.J. Winters fringe purse (similar here), Long Sleeve top: Millau (from LF Stores), Hat: vintage find at a flea market

Dress: MinkPink Darling Buds of May Sundress, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Fontane in white, Umbrella: a tiny shop in Italy