Sunday, September 21, 2014

So Sneak-y

T-Shirt: Joe's Jeans 'Maven Tee' (here for $68)
Jacket: Mink Pink
Sweatpants: LnA (similar here)
Sneakers: Nike
Oh Mother sneaky sneaky lady. You and your wildly fluctuating weather is getting me oh so sick. And my body is really struggling to keep up with you! I mean I was literally knocked off my feet Saturday afternoon and spent my whole weekend feeling like I was more than half dead. 

Before this sickness suddenly overcame me, I was able to take my pups on a walk around the neighborhood during the chilly morning. But after that, it was game over for me. My weekend came to an instant end within the next couple hours when I was pretty much confined to my bed for the rest of the weekend. I guess you win some and you lose some...and clearly Mother Nature won this battle. 

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