Wednesday, September 10, 2014

China Doll

Tunic Dress: 3J Workshop by Johnny Was 'Randal Formal Tunic' (here for $236)
Booties: Sam Edelman 'Landon Harness' (now on sale from $170 to $136 here)
Necklace: Vanessa Mooney 'Azaria Teardrop Necklace'
Wearing a tunic as a dress is kinda acceptable when the weather is over 95 degrees and you're short like me...right? Well...I thought so this weekend when I determined that it was just way too hot for clothes (even adorable dresses that look like expensive china sets lol). 
I was overheating so I simply layered this cute tunic from Johnny Was over a thin slip and called it a day. Unfortunately, even something as thin and breathable as this "dress" wasn't cooling me down enough and I ended up canceling plans and went swimming with my man instead. 

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