Friday, January 17, 2014

Frills and Thrills

Dress: American Gold Tristessa Tank (here)
Knitted Sweater: Chaser Brand
Booties: Kelsi Dagger (on sale here)
Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney
Pendulum Ring: Unearthen (from Spanish Moss here)
The weather in LA has slowly been creeping up to the high 80s this week and I couldn't be more thrilled. I celebrated the summer-like weather with this adorable American Gold tank (worn as a dress because short girls like me can kind of get away with stuff like that lol). I just made sure that I wore Spanx underneath for the occasional gust of wind that's bound to blow my dress up and expose me if I didn't. 

Since my dress had a simplistic A-line silhouette with minimal looped detailing at the hemlines, I decided to just pile on the jewelry for a little more pizzazz. I may have gone a bit overboard but I felt like being outrageous that day (or I wouldn't have worn a tank as a dress). I do plan on wearing this "dress" properly as a tank top by pairing it with some cute bell bottom pants once the weather in LA starts to cool down again. 

**Styling Tips (for the vertically challenged like me):
  1. Wear a short dress because the more leg that's exposed, the longer your legs appear. 
  2. Think Monochrome! Wearing one color will trick others into thinking you're taller than you actually are because the eyes will travel through the whole outfit from head to heels. *note that darker colors are obviously going to be more slimming*
  3. Pair pants, tights, or socks with the same colored heels. It's the same idea as dressing in one color. *if you're going sockless/tightless with a dress, try pairing your dress with nude heels and try to avoid ankle boots* 


  1. Where'd you get those socks?

    1. They're from Urban Outfitters. I got them awhile ago, but they always have a bunch of thigh high socks there...I just doubt that they'll have the exact ones I'm wearing. Good Luck finding some!!!