Monday, February 3, 2014

Super BRRR Sunday

Vest: MinkPink Sherpa-lined Blanket Vest (here)
Long sleeve Top: Joe's Jeans Linen Tee
Destroyed Denim Pants: Dittos
Booties: Koolaburra (here)
Jewelry: Vanessa Mooney (here)
Although I'm really not a sports type of gal, I did end up watching the Super Bowl last night and I thoroughly enjoyed watching The Broncos get their butts kicked by The Seahawks. No exaggeration... the final score was 43 - 8! I mean it was a brutal butt kicking!!! I honestly don't know anything about the teams but I was rooting for The Seahawks because I'm obsessed with all things Seattle related. I even want to eventually purchase a summer home in Seattle lol. I visited Seattle for a work trip a couple summers ago and I instantly fell in love with everything there--the food, the people, the abundance of music, the art, etc. Unfortunately I despise the rain so I think I'll only be able to handle summers there when I retire hahaha. 

Anyway, it started to actually feel like it was finally winter in California yesterday. I was freezing but I luckily I stayed warm in my favorite sherpa-lined blanket vest from MinkPink during the BBQ. I simply threw it over a comfy linen long sleeved t-shirt from Joe's Jeans and tucked that into a pair of light washed Dittos Jeans. I finished the look with a pair of chestnut brown booties and tons of Vanessa Mooney. 

Cheers to a great Monday!

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