Friday, March 7, 2014

Mixin' It Up

Sweatshirt: LnA 'Matteo' Sweater in Charcoal (now on sale here!)
Jeans: Joe's Jeans 'Oblique Skinny Ankle in Haddie' (here)
Backpack: Stela 9 'Santiago Patchwork Backpack' (here)
Velvet Oxfords: Report 'Tahoe' Oxfords from NastyGal (here)
Faux Leather Cap: Urban Outfitters
All Jewelry: Vanessa Mooney 
Mr. Milo accompanied me while I went shopping at a flea market and ran some errands this past weekend. I got so many compliments on my backpack and my pup that I had to take a picture of them being cute together.

I put together this very simple outfit so my adorable Stela 9 backpack (which is on sale, ladies!!!) could be the focal point of my outfit. Although I kept the color palette very neutral, I chose pieces that had subtle details and different textures to still keep the outfit fun. My LnA sweatshirt has some sheer side panels, my Joe's Jeans pants have accents of slanted black panels along the sides and back pockets, my hat is faux leather, and my shoes are velvet. My advice is to not be scared to mix and match textures to instantly give a bland outfit some character...and never forget that accessories can make or break the outfit! Happy Friday!!!

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