Sunday, September 28, 2014

Late Summer Flare

Crochet Crop Top: MinkPink 'Cotton Fields' (on sale here from $62 to $37)
Flared Pants: Others Follow
Heeled Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell 'Encase' (on sale here from $160 to $49)
Necklace: Vanessa Mooney
Hat: Vintage
Summer may technically be over, but I tend to stretch my summer wardrobe for another month or so til SoCal temps drop lower than 80 degrees. 

One of my favorite summer items that I've been wearing quite often for the past couple months are flared pants! They're perfect for the scorching hot temps because of how thin and lightweight they are! Plus, they always come in fun colors and prints. Below are a few simple tips I always use when styling printed pants! Hope you find them helpful! 


1) Pair your printed bottoms with a solid colored top. Typically, I'd choose a top in a color that's also found in the bottom. This will help bring your look together and make it cohesive.
2) Choose a fitted top if your bottoms are looser and flowy. And choose a looser top for the more fitted bottoms. This will help balance out your whole look.
3) I would suggest wearing printed bottoms with some sort of heel to elongate your legs. The busy prints can make your legs appear shorter so throw on some heels to finish off the look.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

So Sneak-y

T-Shirt: Joe's Jeans 'Maven Tee' (here for $68)
Jacket: Mink Pink
Sweatpants: LnA (similar here)
Sneakers: Nike
Oh Mother sneaky sneaky lady. You and your wildly fluctuating weather is getting me oh so sick. And my body is really struggling to keep up with you! I mean I was literally knocked off my feet Saturday afternoon and spent my whole weekend feeling like I was more than half dead. 

Before this sickness suddenly overcame me, I was able to take my pups on a walk around the neighborhood during the chilly morning. But after that, it was game over for me. My weekend came to an instant end within the next couple hours when I was pretty much confined to my bed for the rest of the weekend. I guess you win some and you lose some...and clearly Mother Nature won this battle. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Printed Perfect

Blouse: Reformation (other styles here)
Printed Shorts: Angel Biba (LF stores)
Lucite Heeled Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace & Leather Bracelet: Jenny Bird
Black Studded Clutch: Monserat De Lucca (other styles here)
Rings: Torchlight Jewelry (other styles here) & Vintage
Make some noise with powerful prints like these black & white, lace trimmed printed shorts from LF stores! There's nothing like spicing up a simple outfit with the perfect printed focal piece! When I style a statement piece like this, I try to stick with basics for the rest of my look. I paired my shorts with a simple mustard yellow silk blouse from Reformation, and finished off the look with some strappy heeled sandals and an oversized clutch.

The key to this outfit is making sure the proportions were right in order to really pull the whole look together. I generally like to pair long sleeves with short shorts and short sleeves with pants because I'm naturally a creature of balance, which I blame on the fact that I'm a Libra haha. Too much of anything isn't good and showing off too much skin is usually no exception...the exception being it's acceptable in my book when the temps have been reaching upwards of 110 degrees everyday! (Currently breaking my own rule of thumb as I'm writing this! lol)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

China Doll

Tunic Dress: 3J Workshop by Johnny Was 'Randal Formal Tunic' (here for $236)
Booties: Sam Edelman 'Landon Harness' (now on sale from $170 to $136 here)
Necklace: Vanessa Mooney 'Azaria Teardrop Necklace'
Wearing a tunic as a dress is kinda acceptable when the weather is over 95 degrees and you're short like me...right? Well...I thought so this weekend when I determined that it was just way too hot for clothes (even adorable dresses that look like expensive china sets lol). 
I was overheating so I simply layered this cute tunic from Johnny Was over a thin slip and called it a day. Unfortunately, even something as thin and breathable as this "dress" wasn't cooling me down enough and I ended up canceling plans and went swimming with my man instead. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Keepin' Kool in a Kimono

Kimono: Tylie Malibu (similar here)
Bikini: One Teaspoon (bottoms on sale from $165 to $60 here)
Wrap Watch: La Mer Collections (here)
I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend! I spent mine listening and dancing along to Jack Johnson at the Santa Barbara Bowl for his From Here to Now to You Tour, having movie nights with the family, and lounging poolside with my man once he returned home from Washington. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my free time with some of my favorite people. I really just can't wait for my hectic schedule to finally calm down! There's just one more HUGE event left this best friend's wedding! This weekend can't come soon enough!