Friday, March 21, 2014

Hues of Blues

Short Overalls: Joe's Jeans (here)
Laser Cut Booties: Jeffrey Campbell 'Produce' (here)
Bracelet: Vanessa Mooney "Roxanne Cuff Bracelet" and "Moon Shield" (here) and (here)
Striped Blouse: Vintage
There's a bright side to losing an hour of sleep with the time change...literally! I'm just loving how sunny it is when I get off work! It leaves me with endless options of how I want to spend the rest of my day. I typically like to pack a nice salad, some snacks, and my handy dandy mat for a picnic or just bring my dogs to a nearby park and run around with them for some exercise. On this particular day, I was feeling extremely lazy and decided to do absolutely nothing but soak up the sun and still take advantage of the beautiful day. How are you spending the extra hour of sunlight? 

Monday, March 17, 2014


Necklace: Vanessa Mooney "The Sheba" Necklace (here)
Vest: Stylestalker "Biker" Vest (here)
Leather Backpack: Stela 9 (here)
Long Sleeve Linen Tee: Joe's Jeans "Dames Tee" (here)
Bracelet: Vanessa Mooney "Roxanne Cuff Bracelet" (here or here)
Leggings: Romeo and Juliet Couture
Heels: Charlotte Ronson "Hayworth Studded Heel" (on super sale here)
STYLE TIP: Add some personality to a plain and boring outfit with accessories! I started with some basic staple items that most girls can find in their closets but then I spiced it up and added some of my own personality by throwing on a vest, a statement necklace, and a black leather backpack. Without my accessories, my outfit would just be a simple grey long sleeved shirt and some black leggings....nothing exciting there! 

This tip really comes in handy especially when I'm in a rush out the door. I typically throw on a tee, a blazer or leather jacket, and some jeans. I'll grab a nice statement necklace to top it off...and VOILA! A cute and stylish outfit within 5 minutes!!! 

Additionally, I believe that investing in quality accessories is key. I personally grow attached to all of my clothing and accessories so it's really important to me that my items last me through the years. For example, I've had these Charlotte Ronson heels (which are on super sale now!) since my college days and I'm hoping that my brand new Vanessa Mooney turquoise necklace also lasts me many many more years to come.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Urban Ninja

Leather Jacket: J.A.C.H.S Girlfriend
"Fuck Forever" Sweater: Reformation x Baron Von Fancy Collaboration
Pants: Romeo & Juliet Couture
Booties: Dolce Vita
Clutch: Valentino
This all black ensemble makes me feel like some sort of urban ninja just ready to kick some butt lol. I simply transformed my outfit from daytime to nighttime by slipping my flats off, slipping my badass booties on, and layering on a leather jacket. The jacket was just the touch needed to pull the boyish & badass look together because it added an extra toughness to the look.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cream of the Crop (Top)

Crop Top: Fairground 'Astra Crop Top' in Dali Lama Print - Revolve Clothing (here)
Silk Trousers: Olive & Oak - Nordstrom
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell 'Hough' (here)
Bracelets: DIY Swarovski Crystal bracelet & Vintage Bone Cuff
Ring: CC Skye 'Fools Gold' Ring (here)

Short body-con dresses are obviously sexy but silk trousers can be sexy too if you style wisely! Since the weather has warmed up significantly, I no longer have to bundle up with huge coats or leather jackets to go out. Instead, I opted for a printed crop top and some silk trousers for a girls' night out this weekend. I chose a sleeveless crop top as the focal piece of my outfit to keep things young and fun. I also kept the rest of the outfit fairly simple to balance out the busy printed top. 

Styling Tip: When going out for fancy drinks at a restaurant or bar, I personally like to choose either to expose my legs OR my arms for a sleeker and chicer ensemble. I leave the shorter skirts and dresses for the more wild and crazy parties.

Even though we "sprang forward" with daylight savings, I feel like it's 3 hours later than it actually is. I can't help feeling this way after the weekend that I just had. The last 4 days pretty much consisted of nothing but drinking, hiking, and swimming with some work squeezed in here and there. I am so exhausted that I was ready to pass out at 7pm today but then I realized that I hadn't worked out, eaten, or blogged yet. Now that that's all done....Good night, world!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mixin' It Up

Sweatshirt: LnA 'Matteo' Sweater in Charcoal (now on sale here!)
Jeans: Joe's Jeans 'Oblique Skinny Ankle in Haddie' (here)
Backpack: Stela 9 'Santiago Patchwork Backpack' (here)
Velvet Oxfords: Report 'Tahoe' Oxfords from NastyGal (here)
Faux Leather Cap: Urban Outfitters
All Jewelry: Vanessa Mooney 
Mr. Milo accompanied me while I went shopping at a flea market and ran some errands this past weekend. I got so many compliments on my backpack and my pup that I had to take a picture of them being cute together.

I put together this very simple outfit so my adorable Stela 9 backpack (which is on sale, ladies!!!) could be the focal point of my outfit. Although I kept the color palette very neutral, I chose pieces that had subtle details and different textures to still keep the outfit fun. My LnA sweatshirt has some sheer side panels, my Joe's Jeans pants have accents of slanted black panels along the sides and back pockets, my hat is faux leather, and my shoes are velvet. My advice is to not be scared to mix and match textures to instantly give a bland outfit some character...and never forget that accessories can make or break the outfit! Happy Friday!!!