Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lazy Lacey Days

After a nice week of somewhat decent weather in the valley, it's back to the high 90s and 100s. I was feeling particularly lazy, uninspired, and just plain blahhh this weekend because of this crazy heat. It's really too hot to wear clothes, but we can't all just walk around in public wearing nothing. So instead of something sloppy like sweats and a t-shirt (not that I'd wear sweats in 100 degree weather or anything), I opted for the next best thing...a white A-line lace sundress that really doesn't require any styling time or effort. I paired my dress with some brown lace up ankle boots for comfort and a brown hat to hide my disheveled bed head. I threw on some gold accessories like my favorite vintage horse necklace (that I scored at a flea market for $5) and some gold bracelets.

I wore this outfit to breakfast with one of my best friends this weekend and as we were walking from the car to the restaurant, we passed by this mural and felt inclined to snap a few shots. The catch is that the mural was about 6 or 7 feet off the ground so it require a bit of effort to capture some pictures. I was directed to hop on a table and climb the wall so that's exactly what I did without trying to expose myself to the world lol. Enjoy the pictures of my struggle!
Hat: LF Stores
Dress: Vintage
Boots: Seychelles
Necklace and Bracelets: Vintage and Vanessa Mooney
Ring: Charlene K
Wallet: Prada
"O geesh. I can't believe I'm doing this...especially in a short dress!"
"Phewww...made it successfully."
"Hmmm...maybe the pictures would be better if I stood on the wall..."
"O crap! It's really high up here!"
"Ok maybe I'll stick to the ground instead"
Finally enjoying breakfast! Yummm!