Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet Summer Sherbet

The mind is a powerful thing...so I decided to conquer the warm day by dressing like one of my favorite ice creams, the crazy funky fun colored RAINBOW SHERBET! This look was too much fun putting together. All the bright colors just started off my day on a BRIGHT note.

I can't express how happy and excited I am that it's finally summer. This means going to the beach, eating ice cream everyday, and hanging out with my friends! Luckily, this also means that a bunch of my friends are migrating back to California to visit their families AND me! 

Yesterday a few of my favorite girls from UCSB gathered together for a potluck pool party in celebration of our friend, Danielle, coming back from grad school in Poland! We also just had to take advantage of the perfect California sunshine and lounge by the pool all day while sipping on beers and our "rum things". We spent the whole day catching up, celebrating, eating, drinking, swimming, and just having a bunch of fun! After about 5 or 6 exhausting hours by the pool, we decided to get dressed and hit up a bar that served vegan buffalo wings, which were surprisingly tasty! Don't ask me what it's made of because I have no idea! These vegetarian/vegan friends of mine have introduced me to a bunch of crazy things I would never typically eat on my own. Especially because I love me some steaks, burgers, and carne asada. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE food! Haha

Based off of the weekend I've been having, I have a great feeling about Summer 2013! It's always a fun time when you're surrounded by amazing people!
Lace Crop Top: Millau (LF Stores)
Bright Pink Blazer: Millau (LF Stores)
Bright Orange Silk Shorts: Millau (LF Stores)
Gold Necklace and Belt: Thrifted
 Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Produce' (here)

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