Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Major PLAIDitude

In celebration of my friend's birthday, a few of us kids decided to make reservations for a 1930's themed murder mystery dinner in LA, which turned out to be more of a late lunch at 3pm than a dinner. Although I was a bit thrown off by the time, it worked out for the best because we had the rest of the night to just enjoy each others company. Our birthday girl, Mary, was asked to help play a role of Old Grandmother Gert, which will explain why she is wearing a silly hat and glasses in one of the pictures below. I'm not going to lie, we were one of the few tables that didn't guess the correct murderer but I think we were more distracted with everything else around us instead of focusing on solving the mystery lol. Also, I'll be the first to admit that I have the attention span of a 4 year old hahaha.  

After the murder was solved, we migrated to a speakeasy bar at Cole's in downtown LA where I discovered my new favorite drink, the Gin-Gin Mule. We spent a couple hours there and ended the night at The Edison, which is one of my favorite places downtown. This bar is tucked in a dark, scary alley but the inside of the bar is beautifully decorated with old mechanical artifacts and the ambiance of the place is absolutely amazing. Since there is a dress code, everyone just always looks so beautiful and put together (no lazy people in sweats and flip flops allowed!). We even got to enjoy a little show with the cutest dancers ever, which is pictured below.

When I found out that the "dinner" was set in 1937, I had to google what that meant exactly lol. I found a bunch of images online of women in tailored skirt suits with clean lines and hems that hit mid-calf. I searched through my work wardrobe for something along the lines of that and I found this Maggie Ward plaid pencil skirt. I then styled the rest of my outfit around this piece by adding a grey bowler hat, t-strap heels, and a mustard yellow blouse (matching the tiny bit of mustard yellow in the plaid skirt). Hope you guys enjoy the pictures from my time traveling excursion. 

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. It was taken with my iPhone 5 in some pretty dark rooms. This was just too much fun to not share...

 Let me seduce, tempt, and hypnotize you with my vampire eyes hahaha

Blouse: Olive & Oak (Bloomingdale's) also seen (here)
Plaid Skirt: Maggie Ward (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Shoes: ASOS
Hat: Urban Outfitters


I even ran into an old high school buddy that used to golf with on the school team! 
Undefeated Mission League Champs all 4 years I was on the team! 

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