Friday, August 15, 2014

Easy Does It

Silk Sweatpants: LnA "Lucas Silk Pant" (on sale from $264 to $210 here)
Crochet Top: Mink Pink "My Dream Crop Top" (for $54 here)
Shoes: Dolce Vita 'Elka' Heeled Sandals (on sale from $170 to $118 here)
Wool Blazer: Joe's Jeans 'Meredith Blazer' (on sale from $278 to$139 here)
Leather Backpack: Stela 9 ($224 at Revolve Clothing here)
I have never been a sweatpants type of person...until recently! I always thought that sweats were reserved strictly for gyms or lounging around the house but boyyy was I wrong! With the proper styling, sweats can actually be chic! Luckily in the past couple years, designers have really redefined sweatpants in a whole new way and I'm lovin' it! Now we don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion! We can be both casually chic and comfortable when stepping out in public.

Below are some tips on choosing and styling the new and improved sweatpants.

1) Choose sweatpants in a thin & lightweight material to keep it from looking like you're ready to hit the gym. I personally choose them in silk because I like wearing my comfy sweatpants year round.
2) Make sure the pants are a slim fit and tapered. If it's too loose throughout the leg and ankles, it probably won't be too flattering on your body. 
3) Accessorize strategically. Sweatpants are easy to dress up or down with accessories. If you're going for a chicer look, choose a hemline that sits at the ankle and pair them with heels. If you're going for a more casual look, choose a hemline that hits just below the knee. Instead of heels, you can keep it casual with some cute slip-ons, d'Orsay flats, or sneakers. I personally prefer heels because I just prefer heels :) 
4) Top off your sweats with a structured fitted top or a crop top. 

Other ways that I've styled some of my other silk sweatpants: 

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