Wednesday, November 26, 2014

BIG SURprises

When Eddie asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, my first thought was obviously to go camping! Before this past trip to Big Sur, the last time we had gotten enough time to get out of the city was back at the end of March...which has just been way too long. Eddie and I planned on having this trip at the beginning of October for my actual birthday, but his work schedule kept forcing us to postpone it. We initially planned on camping somewhere a little closer like Santa Barbara but last minute, we decided to bite the bullet and go somewhere we've been dying to visit for awhile...Big Sur!!! We had only heard amazing things of this place, so we were both ecstatic when the trip was actually happening. Looking back at these pictures from Halloween weekend only makes me wish I had more time to spend there with my love.
We hit the road before the sun came up and headed straight through the storm to one of our favorite breakfast joints--Paula's Pancake House!
As we were driving, we passed by the beautiful San Miguel Mission off the side of the freeway and decided to go exploring.
After our detour, Eddie took us through an army base with crazy beautiful mountain views and tight, windy roads...where he pretended he was a race car driver. 
Before we reached the ocean, we encountered a few hiccups along the way. We almost ran out of gas with nobody around, which may have been my fault lol. After I panicked for a bit, we encountered a police officer who led us to the nearest gas station...which was on the army's private station! After backtracking for gas, we came across fallen boulders all along the sheer cliffs. 
Once we made it through those obstacles to Hwy 1, we reached this bright and sunny view.
Imagine 25 miles of this gorgeousness! 
After finally arriving at camp, we unpacked, made some soup, & then headed off for a hike.
We decided to go on a short 30 minute stroll on the Nature Trail & then head back for dinner before it got dark, but I was so eager to immediately start exploring that I didn't realize I led us to the wrong trail head. Oops! We only realized this after nearly making it to the top.
 We headed out early the next morning for the Buzzard's Roost Trail when we came across this beautiful underwater pathway across the river. Hooray for waterproof hiking boots!
A view from the top of Buzzard's Roost.
 Lunch: Hotdogs, Belching Beaver's Me So Honey Beer, and S'mores (made with square marshmallows!!!)
Hiked a mile down a steep trail from Hwy 1 and discovered the gorgeous Partington Cove!
 Then we hiked back up to our car & drove to McWay Falls, a gorgeous 80ft freshwater waterfall that cascades down into the ocean.
 As beautiful as McWay Falls was, it was just too crowded & noisy so we hiked back down to Partington Cove where we spent a few more hours just watching the sunset as a pod of dolphins swam by us. Everything about that day was just so perfect & so romantic!
After a long night of raccoons raiding our campsite & ground squirrels stealing my pants, we packed up and hit the road for Pfeiffer Beach.
 Sea Anemones, Mussels, & Crabs
 Pfeiffer Beach Keyhole Rock
  Late lunch with a breathtaking view at Nepenthe Restaurant before heading back home.
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to express how grateful I am for everything in my life. Especial the people that are always there for me time and time again. I owe my happiness to my family, the love of my life, and my friends! 
Now I can't wait to spend thanksgiving day with my family and boyfriend and then head out to go camping with friends early Friday morning! Wishing everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving! 

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