Monday, September 23, 2013

Everybody Wants Some

Every person, guys and gals, should have at least one great band tee (of a band they actually listen to) in their closet! It's a must-have staple piece that goes with absolutely everything.

I like to wear my tees with high waisted shorts and a cardigan, tucked into a mini or a maxi skirt, with skinny and/or distressed jeans, with leather pants or leggings, etc! Honestly, the possibilities are endless. T-shirts go with everything, but a nice vintage band tee just adds an extra OOMPH factor!

Last week, I wore my badass Van Halen band tee with these sweet lace flared pants from Somedays Lovin', a plaid flannel to keep me warm after the show, a trusty black hat, and layers of jewelry to a show in LA with some of my friends. I had a blast, was able to stay comfy, and looked very rock and roll chic. Below are some tips on styling a band tee!


1) Don't wear a t-shirt of a band you don't actually listen to. You don't want to look like an idiot when someone comments on your band tee and you don't have a clue on what type of music they play.

2) Depending on the weather, layer on a jacket, cardigan, flannel, vest, or an overshirt. This will allow you to style your basic band tee and make it a bit more personal. Tie it around your waist when you're not using your flannel or jacket. That way you won't have to carry it around or make your boyfriend hold it. Plus I think it looks cute and adds an 90s feel to the outfit!

3) Accessorize. Pile on the bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Maybe add a hat or a beanie if you wish. Since a tee is plain and basic, I like to spice things up with some fun accessories!

4) Don't wear your band t-shirt to that band's concert. One of the reasons I personally don't wear a band's t-shirts to that band's show is because I run the risk of having on the same outfit as someone else, which doesn't sit well with me lol. I just like to be a little different from the crowd wherever I go. My reasoning is not the same reasoning as others people's that just claim that it's a "fashion rule" or a "fashion faux pas". If you don't mind having the same outfit on as someone else, go for it! I think that it's a damn t-shirt and if you like the damn band, you should be able to wear the shirt without people judging. You're also supporting the band by spending $$ on a shirt and you're not allowed to wear it to their show? Plus, why can people wear their sports jerseys to that team's game? Huhhh? Why? I don't get this "fashion faux pas"! So I vote that you where what you want! I ain't judging! 

Have fun with these tips and style away! Have a happy Monday and a fantastic week!!!

Band Tee with Cutoff Sleeves: Chaser (here)
Plaid Flannel: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Super Flared Lace Pants: Somedays Lovin' (here)
Shoes (not pictured): Dolce Vita 'Niven' (here)
Hat: LF Stores
Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney (here)
Necklaces: Vanessa Mooney 'Clearing Things Up' and Vintage
By the way, this bike is super flat because it's super vintage and it's a collectors piece that I acquired. I do not ride this baby so I haven't had time to fix it up yet lol. 

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