Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fluorescent Efflorescence

These Elliatt 'Efflorescent' pants are crazy cool...literally! They're silky smooth and super light weight, which totally helps me get through these last few official days of summer.

Honestly as a Californian, I'm probably going to stretch my summer wardrobe til mid-October lol. This is one of the many perks of living in Southern California! I could probably get away with wearing shorts almost year-round! And I only say 'almost' because anything below 65 degrees Fahrenheit is freezing to me! I'd get so cold that I'd actually wear a snow jacket on a daily basis at work because the air conditioning was too cold for me to handle! Hahaha

Anyway, I paired my pants with a stretchy skintight textured tank top and silver accessories. I paired these pants with this top and added a belt to accentuate my waist...otherwise these pants would swallow me whole. They're cut and draped in a way that widens your hips, so I contrasted that with my tight tank top. 

For additional tips on styling printed pants, check out one of my prior posts: Don't Be Such A Pansy

Printed Pants: Elliatt 'Efflorescent' pant (here)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Encase' Heeled Sandal (here)
Tank Top: Vintage
 Belt: Vintage
Clutch: Vintage
Necklaces: Vanessa Mooney (here)

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