Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Movin' On Up

I am beyond exhausted. I've been packing up and moving things day by day for the past 3 days to the new 4 bedroom house that I had recently purchased. I am soooo excited because I decided to turn the smallest bedroom into my very own walk-in closet!!! So far I'm loving how it looks and I'll definitely be sharing my setup later on the blog when it's complete and looking tidier.

Before I started workin' my bum off during the move, I took an amazingly relaxing vacation to Sequoia National Park. I spent my days hiking and exploring with my man, which I'll be sure to post more about in the upcoming blog posts. 

By the way I'm sorry for neglecting the blog...I had absolutely no service out in Sequoia and I jumped right into moving when I came back to civilization lol. Once things start to settle down for me, I'll be back to posting more regularly. Also, I'm posting this through my Blogger app on my iPhone because my Internet still isn't set up yet (so things may look a little funky haha).

Blouse: Anna Catherine
        Pants: Maggie Ward Florianopolis Cropped Pants (full length pants here)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Solitaire Pumps (here)
Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney (here) and Luv AJ (here)
Necklace: Vanessa Mooney


  1. The place looks rad! Congrats!

    1. Thanks, Angela! It's slowly coming together...just wish it didn't take this much effort lol

  2. Looks beautiful! So excited for when I get to see it :)

    Love you!

    1. Can't wait to have my bestest best over! Just find the time! You're obviously always welcome!