Sunday, July 7, 2013

City of Color

Earlier this week, I spent my day all over LA running some errands. So when I had some time for a break during my hectic schedule, I stopped by Amoeba Music to pick up a couple records. This place is absolutely amazing!  It's pretty much heaven to anyone that appreciates music! You're guaranteed to find any CD or vinyl record your little heart may desire. And to top it off, they occasionally have live performances there! I've only been to a couple shows, but it's always a fun time.

I honestly always feel a little overwhelmed when I enter the building because the place is ginormous and there's just so much to sift through to find one of the thousands of hidden gems there. Luckily the people working there are always happy to help me find exactly what I'm looking for.

I put together this outfit based on the types of errands I had to run. I had meetings to attend where I had to look somewhat professional (in a stylish and not conservative way). Since I wasn't literally running around, I opted for some cute stilettos rather than some flats. To add another level of instant class and chicness to my outfit, I layered my casual tank top and denim shorts with this printed blazer. At first I couldn't quite put my finger on what I loved about this blazer, but then I realized that it reminds me of something my Thai grandma would have worn. This print is so old Asian lady and I adore it!

To be honest, I was a little iffy about my outfit choice at first because my blazer was just a tad bit longer than my shorts from the front, but in the end who cares?!?! I felt comfortable in it, which is really all that matters. I hope you guys enjoy my look as much as I enjoyed wearing it.
 Tank Top: Sanctuary
Color Block Denim Shorts: Joe's Jeans
Printed Blazer: Costa Blanca
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 'Solitaire' (here)
Bracelets: Vanessa Mooney (here) and Luv AJ (here)
Swarovski Crystal and Semi-Precious Stone Necklace: Chan Luu (similar here)

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